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Life is a journey through time and space, a physical yet Spiritual journey that transcends both time and space. Physically we are born of the earth and to the earth we shall return. Yet Spiritually we are never born and we never die. We are each so much more than our physical realities. In fact, from our Soul's perspective, this current life is just one page in a never-ending book which is the eternal story of life.

Here at Divine Explorations we recognize the embodiment of Divine Spirit in each person and the unique journey that you are on. We fully believe that our individual gifts and modalities do not compete with each other but actually add to the essence of the collective whole. For this reason, we offer a wide variety of Spiritual topics, workshops, and guest speakers to help you decide what tools work best for you as you travel along your personal path. Divine Explorations is a diverse community that supports and nurtures everyone, learning from the wisdom of each beautiful soul that graces our doorway. We look forward to meeting you soon!


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